Facial care

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Facial care

Basic facial care - 55 min


Eyes Vitality (add it to a care)

Smoothing eyes care. This care will refresh and wake your look


Energising man care - 30 min

For men, tanning or hydrating care.


Facial care Decléor

Discovery Aroma Care - 30 min

Facial aromatherapy care for an express beauty treatment


Two ways arom cleanse - 45 min

Deep skin cleansing


Essential Aroma care - 1h00

Soft and efficient skin care.


Aroma Force facial care - 1h00

A specific answer for each skin type


Aroma Expert Care - 1h30


Great wellness feeling, adding back massage to facial care. Each care contains specific active products for your skin :

  • Hydra white pétal - Dehydrated skin
  • Intense nutrition - Dry skin
  • Harmonie calm intense - Sensitive skin
  • Aroma Pureté - Mixed to oily skin
  • Yoga lift - Smoothing and enhancing

MySpa facial care

A Cosmetic Era where Effectiveness means Sensory Awareness

81 €

Sources & Lagoons of Polynesia Ritual

L'efficacité et la sensorialité au service du soin visage

Sources et lagon de polynésie - 1h00

This care is for urban skin, for those wishing to restore its original radiance and vitality.

This cascade of spring water detoxifies and oxygenates the skin, giving it a strong boost.

Its Tiare Flower of the Island fragrance and lagoon blue colors intoxicate the senses.

This product line provides a burst of freshness for your facial skin, restoring its luminosity.


The Cleopatra Ritual - 1h00

The Cleopatra Ritual purifies the skin and evens out the complexion for a more refined skin texture.

Its gourmet Red Berries fragrance asserts an unashamed beauty.

It contains all the care you need to remain Beautiful and Rebellious.


Secrets of Japan Ritual - 1h00

This care is ideal for repairing and relaxing the most delicate skin.

Its soothing White Lotus fragrance and soft colors evoke the serenity of pure care in a Zen atmosphere.

It provides facial skin with unique energy and purity.


La Vie à Vendôme Ritual - 1h15

This majestic Haute-Couture skin care offers strong anti-aging properties for timeless youth.

Its Imperial Amber delicate fragrance immerses the senses in luxurious beauty à la Française.


For children (Toofruit)

My first facial care - 30 min


My first body care - 30 min


Shared moment - 30 min

(duo body or facial care)


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